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We provide access to the right information on career choices at the right time so that our students can make appropriate and well informed choices about their future.

We work with various tools and partners to fully prepare out students to the next stage in their further education and employment.

Careers Lead: Miss Frankie di Palma      

Careers Administration Support: Miss May Elamin

Both Miss di Palma and Miss Elamin can also be contacted by telephone through the main reception 01865 862 232

 eCLIPS - an online tool that offers a wide range of information about careers

 Comprehensive careers information

With clear and impartial descriptions of jobs, entry requirements and training options, including live-streamed information from LMI for All, eCLIPS provides users with all the information they need to make informed careers decisions. It caters for all abilities and stages with information ranging from basic to in-depth descriptions with links for further exploration.

There's help for users looking for career ideas, with leaflets providing a broad overview of career areas, careers linked to school subjects and an interactive career matching tool. In addition, eCLIPS provides a wealth of advice to help young people choose study and employment options, and prepare for the world of work.

Information You Can Trust

Schools and careers professionals have trusted eCLIPS for over 30 years. The information on eCLIPS is researched and written by our team of experienced, professional careers authors and is regularly updated to reflect the latest developments in education, training and the labour market. Over 700 industry experts are regularly consulted and asked to comment.

Quick, easy and unlimited   Students and parents  can access eCLIPS   

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Careers Advice

Careers Advice Information - for parents/carers Find here

Barbara Lonergan is our Careers Adviser 

See her power point introduction to Careers interviews for year 11 students here

Webinar for Parents and Carers Find here  

'Find Your Future', OxLEP’s Virtual Careers Platform launch on 25th March

 please register at:

OxLEP's Parents Guide  Find here

OxLEP's Teachers' Guide  Find here

Careers Advice and Guidance Service (Adviza) Find here

Careers Education Policy Find here

Pathway to Careers in Property Find here

Here’s an introduction from our newly appointed Head of Campus – Student Experience – Follow this link to put a face to a name and find out what their plans are for this academic year:

Our current Apprenticeship vacancy page - for any students considering an Apprenticeship, there is a comprehensive list of vacancies across a range of employers for them to start looking at


Events - Year 11

College as your next step in 2021?

Watch Virtual Open Evenings from your local colleges.

Abingdon and Witney College Virtual Open Evening




 National Apprenticeships 

Information from the Success at School Careers Advice Service

Apprenticeships these days come in all shapes and sizes. With an apprenticeship, you could train to be a solicitor, engineer, journalist, pharmacist or graphic designer—and that's just for starters. You will also be paid a wage, and any qualifications you undertake as part of your apprenticeship—including a university degree—will be paid for by your employer.

This short video provides a good overview:

A Parent's Guide to Apprenticeships Video

Back to basics

An apprenticeship is a paid job with training. Apprentices also work towards relevant qualifications while on the job. There are four type of apprenticeships:

  1. Intermediate: Equivalent to 5 GCSEs

  2. Advanced: Equivalent to 2 'A' Levels

  3. Higher: Equivalent to a higher education qualification, and can include a foundation degree, bachelor's (aka undergraduate) degree, or even a master's degree (a postgraduate qualification)

  4. Degree: All degree apprentices work towards a bachelor's or master's degree.

What are the basic requirements?

A basic level of literacy and numeracy is required to undertake any apprenticeship. If you don't have any GCSEs in English or Maths, you may be able to—depending on the apprenticeship—work towards a "functional skills" qualification while they do their apprenticeship. There are also traineeships students can undertake if they do not qualify for an apprenticeship.

Apprenticeship statistics

Apprenticeships vs. University

This short video should help you understand whether apprenticeships or university might be better for you:

University vs Apprenticeship: what's right for my child

How to find an apprenticeship

 Useful Links

Virtual Routes into STEM is an innovative course that provides Year 9 and Year 10 students with a clear understanding of the amazing opportunities offered by STEM based careers. The course allows students to recognise the variety of opportunities available to them after taking their GCSEs, it will provide access to key information on different pathways: College and University and Apprenticeship routes through industry. The course is suitable for all academic abilities – all that is required is a genuine interest in STEM subjects.


  • Experience multiple colleges, universities, and employers across the country. 

  • Have the freedom to explore the course at their own pace, taking control of their learning. 

  • Students will understand the diverse routes available to them after studying their GCSEs – including apprenticeships and degree apprenticeships talks.

  • Experience a diverse range of live Q&A sessions during the half term. 

  • Gain their Bronze Industrial Cadets award.

 The registration for our May and July courses is now open!