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In Year 10 all students undertake work experience. For further information, please contact our work experience co-ordinator.


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Year 10 Student articles about their Work Experience, week of 14th - 18th March 2016

For my work experience I went to Jaguar.

It was really good because I loved doing what I was doing and I had fun changing cars tyres and brake pads. I learnt how to change tyres and and I now know how to do a simple health check up and change all the filters. I had fun because I like doing mechanics and that's what I did, the people there were so welcoming it was so calm and I could get a coffee when I needed or wanted.

I would recommend anyone to go there as you learn a lot.

Riley Neller M-JGR

I went to Matthew Arnold School restaurant for my work experience.

It was fantastic. I really enjoyed it because I learnt how to cook and I learnt some knife skills. I liked break and lunch time when I could serve people food. The most popular food was pasta pots and drinks. I would like to be a chef in the future. Thank you A-J, Mandy and the girls for such a good week.

Luke Dickerson G-AEH

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I have just returned from my work experience at the Saïd Business School and I am worn out due to it being so busy and fun. I believe it was a great opportunity for me to experience the world of work and even though it was exhausting I enjoyed each and every moment. The people in the office were really nice and friendly and made me feel confident and at home throughout my work experience journey. Working at the Saïd Business School changed my mind set about office work. If I am honest, deep down, I thought I would be bored doing paperwork or filing but there was not much paperwork, only an hour one day. Moreover, as I said, I did something different each day. My advice for students is to enjoy each and every moment and make the best of the experience because once it’s gone you won’t get it back.

Tayyabh Younis H-RJB

I really enjoyed my work experience at the Small World Montessori Nursery. It gave me an insight into the world of childcare and the skills needed to do the job. I gained knowledge about the qualifications needed to become a nursery assistant. I also now understand the ups and downs of doing the job.

Charlotte Hanley B-STW

I really enjoyed my work experience at the New Theatre. I enjoyed it because I was allowed to do lots of very interesting things such as: operating the follow spot for the show, selling tickets at the box office, helping people and showing people to their seats at front of house. I enjoyed working with lots of different people and learning all about their jobs.

Jamie Winstone B-SSW

Working at Clinic 95 was an amazing experience in which I learnt loads! It was such a different experience to anything I’ve ever done before. I learnt and adapted my teamwork skills by talking to the staff at the practice to find out as much as I could about dentistry. I also used my I T skills to complete the online scanning of dental records and treatment plans. My most exciting experience was on the first day when I got to see dental examinations, although I couldn’t actually touch anything due to my lack of the Hep C jab. My worst experience was probably doing all the online scanning as it was very repetitive and laborious.

Olivia Lees B-KHB

My work experience in the Biochemistry Department at Oxford University was really good because it gave me a good idea of what it is like in a real world environment. It was really informative and it was an interesting experience. I learnt a lot about finance and it is something I would not mind doing in the future, it was a very important week.

Arjun Nair G-TAS

I thoroughly enjoyed my work experience in the School of Life Sciences at Oxford Brookes University. It wasn’t simply trying to make it through a compulsory week of work, but a genuinely interesting experience. The people I worked with were good natured and happy to answer my questions. As I have an interest in Biology, seeing and working in different departments including microbiology, biochemistry and ecology, was very useful for reference if I choose to pursue a career in biology. Although the hours were long and the work sometimes boring, it showed and prepared me for the world of work.

Julia Verrier G-AML