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Sports are an active part of life at Matthew Arnold School, both in PE classes and out of hours in extra-curricular teams. While our main sports are rugby and hockey, we offer an array of athletic pursuits for all ages and both genders. 

Keep up to date with all of the latest sporting events and successes at Matthew Arnold School.

In2 Hockey School Games County Finals

Twenty students represented Matthew Arnold and the Vale by participating in the School Games county hockey finals on Friday afternoon.

Consisting of two full 7-a-side squads, both the Year 7 and Year 8 teams played with passion and enthusiasm throughout. Despite some hard-fought matches, neither team made the knock-out rounds due to the exceptionally high standard. However, it was fantastic to see all the girls thoroughly enjoying their hockey and applying their skills into a highly competitive tournament.

The commitment to hockey this year has been fab and all players have done themselves proud!

Well done to you all, girls.

Miss Bishop/Miss Upjohn

School Games Hockey Finals

Bath University Trip

On the 22nd February, our A-Level PE students went to Bath university for a Sports Science day. The aim of the day was to give the students a real insight into both university life and sports testing.

On arrival, the students marvelled at Bath's amazing facilities. We were directed to the performance testing centre where international athletes come to be physiologically tested. As we walked by the swimming pool, we saw a British Swimmer preparing for the first of his day's two swim sessions.

Into the lab and there were two tests to be completed: a VO2 max test on a treadmill and a 30-second Wingate test on a bike. Holly Rivers and Harry Gillett volunteered for the testing, and soon Holly was all hooked up to the gas analyser and ready to run. The treadmill got faster and Holly performed really well, having her bloods taken every few minutes to monitor her lactate. Her recorded VO2 max was impressive but paled into insignificance against that of an elite skier. Bathuni2017 1

Harry then jumped on the fixed bike and prepared for his test. The Wingate test measures an athlete's maximum power output and Harry had to cycle flat out for 30 seconds with 9kg of weight on the front of the bike. Harry recorded impressive figures but again compared to Chris Hoy was only producing a quarter of the star's output.

We then had a really nice tour of the campus and it did provide students with extra motivation to go there and study at university. We saw all of the fitness rooms, tennis centre, judoka hall, as well as Team Bath’s netball sports hall indoor and outdoor athletics track. The student laboratories were fully equipped and ready for use.

Mr Clark