Duke of Edinburgh's Award

Bronze catch-up

Could all Bronze participants please come to A6 after school this Thursday, the 1st of February, for an eDofE catch up. We appreciate this is short notice, but we need to make sure you are all on the right track!

If you are attending parents evening, you are welcome to stay until your first appointment.

Silver Award Sign-Up Day

Wednesday 24th January, 3:15pm in A6

Now we have the Bronze award up and running and Christmas has passed, we are ready to get you going. Please come to A6 on Wednesday 24th January after school so we can get you signed up to the eDofE.

Please ensure you have paid your £20 deposit by this time other wise we can't sign you onto it! You can do this on ParentPay or by cash.
Any questions, please email edofe@maschool.org.uk

The DofE Team.

Bronze Award 2017/18

The next Bronze session will be on Thursday 30th November after school, initially in A6 but as there's so many of you, we will use other rooms too. This shouldn't run any later than 5pm. Please make your parents aware.
By this time, you should've received your log ins for the eDofE by email. Please don't worry if this takes a while, we have a lot of you to set up!

In the meantime, you are welcome to start your activities. Please be sure to get signatures and dates you attend from the person who is assessing you. This can be on a piece of paper and a photo can be taken and uploaded to the eDofE when you have completed your 3/6 months or you can use the log attached. Remember, it MUST be for 1 hour each week. If you miss a week due to illness or it can't take place because of school holidays, you just need to add on another week at the end.

And also remember that the person assessing you CANNOT be a member of your family. A family friend/neighbour etc is absolutely fine but they must be an adult - your best friend can't assess you!

If you're struggling for ideas of what activities to do, you can find suggestions here. You'll also want to take a copy of the log sheets for volunteering, skills and physical activities.

As a rule, your:

  • volunteering should give you a chance to make a difference to people's lives.
  • skills should help develop a skill you're interested in.
  • physical should be fun and improve your health.

Any problems, please speak to one of us or email dofe@maschool.org.uk.

The DofE Team