Enrolment Pack

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Student Enrolment Form

School Uniform

School Uniform Booklet  All school uniform and any clothing worn to get to school MUST have the name of the student inside.   That way it can be returned to the relevant student. The same request apply to back packs, Sports Kit Bags and pencil cases etc.

Uniform Order Form

School Meals

Cashless Catering and Parent Pay

Cashless Catering and Parent Pay Frequently asked Questions (FAQ)

Free School Meals information and application form  Must be filled in and returned to the school office on or before 24th June 2020 if you think you may be eligible.

Term Dates and Leave of Absence

Equipment List

Music Lessons

Acer Trust Privacy Notice

PTA Letter

Lost Property

We really do encourage all parents and carers to ensure that all clothing,  coats, kit, bags, Back Packs, Pencil cases, every single thing and item has the name of the student on in a clear and viable place.  That way when items get to the Student Reception in B Block it will be possible to look on the timetable and find where the student is and return the items to their owner.  All unnamed and unclaimed lost property is either thrown away or given to charity at the end of each term.  Students need to ensure they visit the Student Reception to look for their lost items.