Headteacher's commendations

The rewards system

The rewards system was added to the Positive Behaviour procedures as a result of student, staff and parent feedback.  The purpose of our rewards system is to systematically recognise and reward achievement and positive behaviour across all the year groups.  Our aim is that every student is ‘Ready to Learn’ and those that are, consistently, should have that acknowledged and rewarded.

How the system works:

R1  -  verbal praise for being ready to learn

R2  -  verbal praise for sustained concentration, engagement and contribution. Recorded on the central system.

R3  -  a great contribution or 3 x R2 rewards achieved. Recorded on the central system. R3 rewards are recognised by a certificate.

R4  -  an outstanding contribution or 3 x R3 rewards achieved. R4 rewards are recognised by a certificate.

R5  -  continued and sustained contribution or 6 x R4 rewards achieved within the term. The Headteacher meets successful students and awards their Headteacher’s Commendation personally.

HT Commendations - Summer 2020

The following students finished the Summer term with a HT Commendation (R5). A fantastic achievement and we congratulate them all.  Eve Louis (A1), Verity Broome Saunders (A3), Ethan Coetzee-Sandbenbergh (A3), Eve Smith (A3), Ido Baitner (A4), Emma Burn (A4), Thomas Chappell (A5), Luca Shirley (A5), Eva Skipper (A6), Caoimhe Dobbie (A8), Arielle Heywood (E1), Lucy Jackson (E1), Isabella Wilson (E1), Matthew Humphries-Orme (E3), Lily Bows (E4), Kate Rushton (E4), Abigail Billen (E5), Charlie O'Leary (E5), Corinna Scullion (E5), Lucy Crouch (E6), James Foster (E6), Harriet Norman (E6), Daniel Basic (E8), Jaylen Challis (E8), Sarah Elliott (E8), Annabel Cranston (K2), Thomasina Belfield (K3), Betsy Elliott Fricker (K3), Catrin Rawstorne (K3), Fletcher Parslow (K4), Miafaye Clarke (K5), Callum Liebermann (K5), Frederick Butler (K6), Eva McAtamney (K6), Theo McAtamney (K8), Zachary Queralt (K8), Adam Gillett (R2), Benjamin Seville (R2), Poppy Hagon (R3), Hannah Walsh (R3), Joshua Clark (R4), Frances Hambleton (R5), Barney Walsh (R6), Madeleine Hunter (R7), Alex Smith (R7), Benjamin Hambleton (R8), Yusuf Rahim (Z1), Julia Yeomans (Z1), Rowan Mitchell (Z3), Iza Aslam (Z6), Sally Grainger (Z6), Samuel Wyborn (Z6), Kiko Marsden (Z8). The following student received two R5s: Lawrence Harkin (K1). Very well done.