GCSE results 2018

The school is full of smiling faces today as students open their GCSE results envelope to find out what grades they have achieved.  There has been jubilation, relief, pride and some disappointment. The months of hard work have paid off and our students are ready to take their next steps.  Many students will start apprenticeships or vocational courses at our local FE colleges and most of the others will remain with us and continue on to A level study. Whatever the next step in each young person's life, I wish them all well.

Exam results are important but it is the life skills and values which students develop in their time with us that will make all the difference to how they cope in today‚Äôs continually evolving world.   Many of the jobs that our students will go on to during their lives may not even exist yet, but if they are able to communicate, enquire, work in a team, be reflective and show resilience, I believe they already have an advantage.

As always, in marking  the success of our students I want to  recognise the enormous contribution that their teachers and tutors, as well as our support teams,  have made in enabling their success. Parents, too, have a significant role to play in ensuring that their daughters and sons are prepared to cope with the challenges that life presents.

Katherine Ryan


23 August 2018